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Ian Harrison Trophy

For The Most Outstanding Individual Game in the Season


Year Division Player
1986 A2 (A's) Peter Holder
1987 A8 (C's) Steve Boland
1988 A2 (A's) Darren Flew
1989 A2 Res (B's)
Scott Measday
1990 A1 (A's)
David Williams
1991 A8 Res (D's)
Stuart Horlin-Smith
1992 A1 Res (B's) Sam Nairn
1993 A8 (C's)
Anthony Coles
1994 A2 (A's) Ian Steel
1995 A3 (A's) Clay Chaplin
1996 A1 (A's)
Rob Popplestone
1997 D3 (A's) / D3 (B's)
Todd Dunow / Mark Kempe
1998 D2 (A's) Kent Walker
1999 D2 Res (B's)
James Dougherty
2000 D2 (A's) Todd Dunow
2001 D2 (A's) Tim Cosh
2002 D2 (A's)
Rick Champion
2003 D9 (C's) Clay Chaplin
2004 D2 (A's) Henry Bourne
2005 D2 (A's) Sam Stranks
2006 D2 (A's)
Rick Champion
2007 D2 (A's)
Will Smallacombe
2008 D2 (A's)
Matthew Loukes
2009 D3 (A's) Adam Bolton
2010 D3 (A's)
Cameron Thorpe
2011 D4 (A's) Daniel Cahill
2012 D4 (A's) Don Nicolson
2013 D3 (A's) Nick Brewer
2014 D2 (A's) Paul Cahill
2015 D2 (A's) Scott Spriggs
2016 D2 (A's) Will Thorpe
2017 D2 (A's)
Shane McAdam
2018 D3 (A's) Peter Rolfe