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B Grade Coaches



1959 SPL Bob Cottle
1961 A5 Jack Giles
1962 A2 Res Ian Gates
1963 A2 Res Bob Nott
1964 A3 Res Gerry Allen
1965 A3 Res George Hodgins
1966 A3 Res George Hodgins
1967 A3 Res George Hodgins
1968 A3 Res Bernie Stephens
1969 A3 Res Ian Aitken
1970 A3 Res* Paul McNeil
1971 A3 Res* Barrie Hodges
1972 A3 Res Paul McNeil
1973 A2 Res Paul McNeil
1974 A2 Res Chris Codling
1975 A2 Res Rob Nickless
1976 A2 Res Rob Nickless
1977 A2 Res Bevan Roberts
1978 A2 Res Phil Walkom
1979 A2 Res Phil Walkom
1980 A1 Res Phil Walkom
1981 A1 Res Bob Weir
1982 A1 Res Bob Weir
1983 A2 Res Mark Russell
1984 A2 Res Mark Russell
1985 A2 Res Shane Langley
1986 A2 Res* Michael Richter
1987 A1 Res Michael Richter
1988 A2 Res Ross Bourne
1989 A2 Res Michael Richter
1990 A1 Res Michael Richter
1991 A1 Res Michael Richter
1992 A1 Res Tim Pillion
1993 A1 Res Tim Pillion
1994 A2 Res Michael Vadasz
1995 A3 Res Nick Hodgson
1996 A1 Res Nick Hodgson
1997 D3 Res* Nick Hodgson
1998 D2 Res Nick Hodgson
1999 D2 Res Nick Hodgson
2000 D2 Res Nick Hodgson
2001 D2 Res Todd Roberts
2002 D2 Res Todd Roberts
2003 D2 Res Todd Roberts
2004 D2 Res Todd Roberts
2005 D2 Res Ian Steel
2006 D2 Res Ian Steel
2007 D2 Res Nick Emmett
2008 D2 Res Nick Emmett
2009 D3 Res John Forbes
2010 D3 Res Tom Kidman
2011 D4 Res Tom Kidman
2012 D4 Res Tom Kidman
2013 D3 Res Darren Francis
2014 D2 Res Darren Francis
2015 D2 Res Darren Francis
2016 D2 Res Darren Francis
2017 D2 Res Luke Caeserowicz
2018 D3 Res Luke Caeserowicz
2019 D2 Res Tom Davies
* Premiers