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Sustainability with a soul!

A note from Fergus Kinnaird '09

I am currently working with my girlfriend to fundraise $20,000 to build a community centre in Budondo, a rural farming village in eastern Uganda in partnership with non-for-profit Mama Hope. We are moving to Uganda in September to oversee the project. The community centre is stage two in a community health and education initiative to improve life expectancies and the quality of life in the region. The community centre is important for two major reasons:

1)    Currently there is no place for the community to gather in Budondo. It will provide a place for health workers to engage with the community and provide life-saving health education. It will be a safe space for young girls to meet for workshops, and a place for the entire village to come together, discuss issues and find solutions. Without it, these discussions and meetings would not happen.

2)    The community centre will be hired out for sports events, weddings and conferences, providing the primary source of income for the attached health clinic, which provides high quality health care to 26,000. The profits will pay for medical supplies, health worker wages and expand the scope of services offered. The goal is that within a year, the health clinic will be completely self-sustainable. I’m calling it sustainability with a soul. 

I am hosting a movie fundraiser at the Capri in Adelaide to support the project. 

The most important details are:

- Sunday 17 August 6pm

- The Capri Theatre 141 Goodwood Road

- Movie: The Hundred-Foot Journey, starring Helen Mirren, produced by Oprah and Stephen Spielberg. The film is a feel-good, family friend blockbuster about food set in the south of France - you are not going to want to miss it!

- Tickets are $25 which includes a glass of wine or drink upon arrival!

All proceeds go towards a high impact, grassroots health education project in Uganda. Tickets can be bought online quickly and securely here:


Fergus Kinnaird '09




Scotch OS Netball Club 25 Year Anniversary & Winter Season Presentation Night


You are invited to the Annual City Dinner 2014

Please come along and join us at the Annual City Dinner on Friday 25 July at the Sebel Playford Ballroom, North Terrace, Adelaide. Tickets available here